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         A T-shirt is a style of clothing named after the “T” shape of its body and sleeves.This very clothing evolved from undergarments used in the 19th century. During the Great Depression, the T-shirt was worn while doing farm or ranch chores. At the time of World War II, it was worn as undergarment by Navy men and veterans.T-shirts came into mainstream storefronts in the 1950s, after an American actor Marlon Brando wore it in a film called ” A Streetcar Named Desire”.

       By the 1960s, T-shirt design reinvented itself and became a medium to express one’s ideas, belief and thoughts. Thus, making it a fashionable and specific categorical outerwear clothing.

      Nowadays, T-shirt designs are being reinvented into various forms. Through the design of a T-shirt, one can represent their favourite bands, cartoons, logos, symbols, ideals or inspiration, slogans, quotes, favourite vacations or dream destination, funny quote or image, satire etc., Designing of T-shirt is done with the use of combination of words, text styles, art, funky style.

   Other techniques used for t-shirt designing such as 

  • Infusible Ink transfer sheets
  • Screen Printing
  • Cad cut heat transfer
  • Digital printing
  • Rhinestone transfer
  • Heat press
  • DTG
  • Dye sublimation
  • Vinyl cutting

With the rise of social media, there are various DIY projects of T-shirts on such platforms. There are numerous upcoming startups which sell t-shirts online. Many provide customization alternatives for customers on their websites. So you can check out online too!

         These days T-shirts are also being used for advertising and promotional purposes too. They are also in trend to spread awareness, social messages and to run social campaigns. 

        So, this is how this stretchy, lightweight, trendy, fashionable, easily cleaned and maintainable, slip-on, inexpensive, comfortable and ready to go option – “T-SHIRT” becomes part of our everyday clothing.

            To make it more creative and iconic, 

T- shirts are coming up with more fabric options like mix or blend of two fabrics such as cotton and polyester to make it non shrinkable and to get a better shape. People are going for more fabric choices in t-shirts like silk, linen etc., There are numerous color shades and contrasts which makes it look a bit more unique in look and feel. We can see the current trend of contrast panels and stripes in t-shirts which gives it a different style. 

 And if we talk about its fit, then we have ample amount of choices these days. Girls and boys are going for more fit options like sheer, slim fit, loose style and so on. For instance, we can see fit like cropped, boyfriend tees, sweatshirt style, knee length or dress length tees, hip hop fit and what not…there is a wide range of fit we can see in trend! 

      And when we come to sleeves part we have full length, ¾ length, half sleeves, cap, raglan, cold-shoulder, kimono,bell, flutter, dolman sleeves etc.,

          If we talk about neckline, Crew neckline is something which is the traditional one and we can again see diverse collections in neck styles too… like V- neck, Wide neck -off shoulder (girls), Yoke neck, Douchebag neck, Henley collor, Turtleneck and many more….  

5 ways to recreate or reinvent t-shirt…….

Aethleisure t-shirt : Nowadays, aethleisure is not just about comfort only! One can incorporate technology with innovation. These sportswear can be assimilated with graphic designs over it. It is a perfect combination of style and comfort. Such sweat-absorbent and breathable tees along with smart designs can trend.


Sun Active t-shirt : Also known as Solar-active tee/ Magic tee/ Color changing tee. It has animation or a quote which is when exposed to sun morphs into a colored version. The UV rays from the sun react with the embedded organic crystals in the design of the T-shirt and become vibrantly pigmented upon exposure. You can pair it up with jeans, joggers or half pants.

Colorblock t-shirt: With these kinds of tees, you can flaunt 90’s style. It gives a kick of fresh colors. You can pair it up with joggers making it a perfect combination of classic vibe and comfort. Or you can just wear this tee with a pair of denim shorts. You can also create a retro or quirky look with it. Combine this look with sneakers or sport shoes. It gives a complete high fashion look!

Pocket t-shirt: It has a pocket positioned on the left side of the chest and is a very classic piece of all times. It is perfect to throw over jeans or a pair of shorts. It will look nice with both round and collor necklines!

Korean style t-shirt : Its a kind of oversized t-shirt which looks cool and is of great comfort. It has loose n long sleeves. Pair it up with jeans of any style and cut or with leggings or joggers. You can incorporate it with a pair of boots, canvas shoes or sneakers. With this t-shirt you can create both a classic and funky look!