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Prashant Pujara in Tech
Dec 29, 2022
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How Both Started?

Angular- It is a JavaScript framework that works on Typescript. Google developed it, and it is compatible with different code editors. If anyone needs to develop dynamic apps and websites, then the Angular framework is the best option in developing the front-end. In 2010, it was called AngularJS. But, in 2016, it changed into Angular, which is also the 2nd version of the previous one. For Google, AdWords works in Angular, which is a vital project for Google.
React- From the JavaScript library, it is available open-source, and Facebook manages it. IT depends on both PHP extensions, i.e., JSX and JavaScript. The library of React divides the webpage into one single frame, and it even simplifies the interface development. It came into the picture in 2012 when the management of Facebook ads became difficult with HTML coding. In 2013, it became open-source, and innumerable developers use them. For Instagram and Facebook, react plays an important role.

Differences of Angular & React Framework


Angular was not popular till 2016, but React was witnessing exponential growth. In the matter of Stack Overflow, it shows that in 2018, both Angular and React are popular. Because React is available open-source hence react native app development company developers use them more. In 2020, React bagged the first position while Angular ranked third position in the list of popular frameworks. As per Google Trends, React is the most popular framework, and one cannot deny its popularity compared to Angular. Compared to NPM downloads, React framework is the most downloaded framework compared to Angular. Hence, the popularity of React has been increasing since 2018.

Work with Framework

Everybody wants to use high-end technology. But one should never forget that one should keep balance in new technology and time ageing things. It would be best if you chose a not mature tool, or else it can lead you to trouble. If an unpopular tool does not have a large community, you cannot solve the trouble alone. Hence, as per GitHub, both Angular and React are mature and have large community frameworks. The skilled developers of mobile and web development companies can resolve any issue with community support.

To learn Angular is a bit tough compared to React, and one has to know about directives, templates, modules, decorators and services. When you learn about these basics, you can move to the advanced AoT compilation concept. It gives an error message that is clear and even fixes the bugs fast.

If you want to work with React, then you have to work with JSX. You have to know about internal state management, write components and the use of configuration props. In React, you will not find any routing library, and you have to work and learn on your own. Also, become the master of libraries of state management like Redux and Mobx.


The framework of Angular depends on 3 layers- Models, then Views and finally Controllers. It has a fixed and complex structure. In Angular, the developers divide the codes into different files. It helps them to make things easy so that they can use the templates again and even the codes in different projects. In the library of React, there is no fixed form of writing codes. The code written in open-source is readable and well-structured. The component trees make the logical code structure.

Productivity and Speed

In the Angular framework, CLI creates the best workspace and the design of the components with a few code lines. The work process which is already set up can even solve all the problems easily. From one project to another, the tool usage depends from one project to another, and it means that you need to invest time if the app gets a fresh developer for the update.

Performance of Framework

DOM, i.e., Document Object Model, helps in the evaluation of framework performances. Angular uses the DOM for the application, and the use of real DOM is great when a single page gets updated. Well, the library is big enough, and this makes Angular slow.
Also, React uses the online DOM, and it is great for the different pages where you need the updates of regular content. Well, the library size is small, and hence it is dynamic and lightweight.


Both the frameworks are popular in their respective location. Hope this comparison will help you understand the basic difference between the framework and how they work. Suppose you want to get angular or react native development services from a reputed company. In that case, you must have some idea of the frameworks so that your business and the developers can know about your requirement for the app. IT helps you choose the framework platform that works best for the business and even the IT trend.

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