My Car Won’t Start. What Could Be Wrong? What Should I Do?

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No doubt the modern world and the latest technology have spoiled automobile owners all around the globe. With the latest technology they need for daily manual oil checks, point adjustments have been eliminated effectively. Still, there are many things that need to be checked if your vehicle fails to start.

All modern cars have the same internal combustion engine as old cars and it needs regular air, spark, and fuel to keep running. Check on these things if your car doesn’t start or at once hire car repairing shop in NV to fix your automobile.

Listed below are some of the common reasons as to why your car won’t start:-

Dead Battery

One of the most common reasons your car won’t start is a dead battery. There are numerous reasons for your battery dying. A loose wire, water present in the component finally evaporated thus leading to poor conductivity, or maybe you left your car’s dome light on for overnight. You can easily check for a dying battery by jump-starting your car.


Be mindful that if the alternator is not up to the mark then your battery may not get charged. If the alternator of your car is not working or breaks down, then you will get a warning light. You can easily check it is to ensure it shows 14 volts, if not then get it checked by a technician.


The electrical starters of modern age vehicles tend to break down and fail to start at all sometimes. A broken starter renders your car inoperable. So it is advised to check whether the starter is in working condition or not.

Spark Plugs

Although secondary ignition system issues are rare now, still it prevails. It is highly suggested to get your spark plugs replaced after a 100,000-mile mark.

Air Filter

Sometimes grease, muck, road dust, and dirt get trapped in your air filters thus making your car difficult to breathe. Also, years and miles of accumulated debris tend to reduce the flow of air your car needs to operate. For proper internal combustion, it is necessary that your ail filters must be cleaned.

Fuel Filter

It is imperative that your fuel must be clean and devoid of any debris, muck and unwanted objects that tend to block the flow of fuel to your car engines. It is said to get it changed after every 20,000 to 40,000 miles. Also, ask your car mechanic to give you an insight into the condition of your fuel filter.

Fuel Pump

Even if there is a clear path from the tank to the combustion chamber for the fuel, a weak fuel pump or failed fuel pump will dramatically change the way your car is running… if it is running at all. In early model vehicles, such as Ford’s Model T, the gasoline was supplied by gravity, with the tank above the carburetor.

Wrap Up

These are the few reasons why your car won’t start. It is imperative that you get it checked regularly


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