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Jun 4, 2024
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This article may look like one of those clickbait ads, like “What personal training doesn’t want to tell you about weight loss,” however this is not a trick to make you think there are shortcuts that are easy when they aren’t. This article aims to clear up misconceptions and admit challenges. It also clarifies certain complex ideas that SEO agencies tend to avoid. It’s not usually malicious; it’s done to avoid lengthy conversations, to keep the relationship smooth, and to prevent unnecessary attention.

I don’t make any judgments on this and have even used such tactics before. Although SEO is a complicated world, I have found that transparency has the most positive effects (despite its negative consequences). This being the case, I’d like to share with you seven “secrets”, about SEO that you may not hear from your agency.

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SEO Secrets Your Agency Won’t Tell You

1. Search Engine Optimization is Easy to Learn

It’s true. It’s not easy or quick, but it is possible. SEO is a complex subject that changes almost daily. It’s also not black magic. This job does not require a degree or experience. There are plenty of free resources online to help you learn SEO from the basic to the more advanced technical aspects. Do you think SEO agencies waste money? This is not the conclusion that agencies fear you will reach if you discover that SEO doesn’t work. You’re paying someone to do the research and conduct hundreds of experiments to prove the theories.

2. It’s Not Enough to Have Good Content

The majority of modern SEO agencies continue to declare that “content is King” (and, in my opinion, it is). Being king means nothing without a Kingdom. Good content is worthless if nobody reads it. You have to work hard after producing quality content to get it seen. You need to target the best channels for publication, syndicate your content on the best networks, and revive interest in old pieces by bringing back the dead. Then you can see social shares, increased traffic, and links.

3. We May Not Know Everything but We Will Do Our Best

SEO is a huge area. We don’t know how Google’s algorithm works. Although we have a general understanding of these relationships, thanks to the tips provided by Google and the correlational studies conducted by SEO experts, we do not know all about them. We don’t know the future of SEO, and we can never be sure what it will look like.

4. It’s Not Expensive to Track Metrics

Tracking your metrics does not have to be expensive. Google Analytics, for example, is a free analytics platform. Ask questions if your agency wants to sell you a dashboard that shows you organic traffic or individual page performance. Do your research before buying. The value of these metrics and special integrated features can be worth the extra cost.

5. Rankings Are Not Guaranteed

SEO is about increasing search visibility. However, I (or anyone else for that matter) cannot guarantee a specific ranking or position. Even with the best keyword research and competitor analysis, there are still too many variables. Google’s ranking algorithm is based on the semantic understanding of users’ queries. One-to-one keyword matching is not even included in its ranking criteria.

6. It is Rare That a Viral Video Goes Viral

There are some tactics you can use to increase your chances of becoming viral. This event will increase your exposure and popularity. But is it possible to achieve this event consistently? No. Even the best content is sometimes overlooked by users. It’s hard to go viral. Not impossible, but difficult. Most agencies would have you believe that it is easier than it is.

7. We Can’t Achieve This Alone

It’s not possible to magically rank a website higher by simply standing on top of my SEO tower. You cannot expect me to take care of your site by handing me the reins. You need to be familiar with the site’s brand, mission, audience, and operations to succeed at SEO. To achieve this, agencies and clients must work together closely throughout the entire process.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that your SEO agency is bad, dishonest, or malicious. It could be that the agency wants to maximize its relationship with you or keep you focused on high-level aspects of a strategy otherwise difficult to follow. Even if you don’t like SEO, it is still important to learn as much about it as possible. This will help you set realistic expectations and understand the complexity of a campaign.

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