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Oct 14, 2020
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Web designing, as we as a whole know, isn’t simple. Simply an irregular pack of codes may land up a useful website, yet for making a fruitful website, there is considerably more perspiration that goes in. The developers, the designers, and the substance makers together make the cycle wake up.

But The Question That Frequently Pops Up Is:

  • Where does SEO belong in this entire process of a build-up?
  • Is it just the content developers who are in charge of this thing?
  • Or can there be another aspect to it?

Let’s Crack This Process and Identify The Sections Where SEO Belongs To.

SEO in The Baby Steps

Before starting with web designing, the process takes its baby steps by first realizing what’s the purpose of the website. Whether it’s a website for an institute or is it a commercial product selling website. The use or the list is the critical factor to determine a lot of things. The first thing is the most basic unit, which is the keywords. To get the right set of keywords is the kick-start to SEO. Now, getting this set of right words needs some serious research. Figuring out a strategy to get hold of the most coveted keyword and then proceeding with the in-depth analysis is the way forward.

The keyword analysis also leads to market analysis, which means analyzing the presence of similar websites online. This market analysis provides relevant information in dealing with the optimization of the web site. It is through the balancing of the more opportunistic keywords that the web designing process begins.

Technical Belonging of The SEO

The Web development task has to deal with the technicalities of SEO as well. The technical aspect of SEO deals with getting a unique domain name, getting proper certification for the Web site, and having maximum uptime for Web hosting. The designing part also covers a part of the technical aspect in terms of building interactive web pages. It also includes the main architectural design of the website in terms of mapping out the informative portion of the site.

A strong network of building links to the website is a great way to optimize the website. Creating such backlinking again needs a proper strategy and research. Creating backlinks to other websites which are relevant to the site gives an upper edge. This network needs some serious maintenance. Any breakdown of the links can drastically affect the performance of the website. These links bring potential customers or audiences to the site indirectly. These have a significant contribution in creating traffic for the website.

SEO and The Text

The text displayed on the web site may not get much attention in the website development stage as such, but it is the thing that attracts the online views. The text is undoubtedly the most critical place where SEO belongs. Any information displayed on any page of the website should not be plagiarised. It should have proper grammar. It should not be too long. Small 4-5 line paragraphs are good to go. The interplay of keywords is what gets the web site a better ranking on the search engines.

Final Thoughts

With all said and done, one must contemplate that the place of SEO stays well defined in every aspect of web designing. It is the better optimization of the website that will help it get a better online presence and a better exposure to its target audience. The designers, the technical team, and the writers are equally responsible for this role.

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