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Jun 26, 2021
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English is a universal as well as the richest language in the world. With a great influence all over the world, it has a special place. We also understand the importance of English in our country. So, all of us should learn English with rapt attention with the help of an English tutor.

Why is it important to learn English?

Our mother tongue can fulfill our domestic demands. In the contrast, it is impossible to perform our national and international affairs without English. That’s why the importance of learning this language with an English tutor online is increasing day by day in most of the countries of the world.

Today, English has become a very competitive matter for getting a good job in our country. People who have a good command of English can easily get a good job. Almost all companies give priority to those employees who can speak fluently and write a standard form of English and the best way to learn it is from an online English tutor.

Need to learn English:

This is the reason we need to learn English to communicate with other countries. An English fluent person can easily exchange his ideas, thoughts, and views with foreigners. It is easy for him to acquire the customs, culture, manners of people of other countries. English is a must for higher education because all the books are written in it. To study in any foreign educational institution, it is important that we take help from those books or we can also take help from a high school English tutor. We can’t find the necessary books available for higher education in our mother tongue.

To communicate across national borders, English is required for the international community and the business world. According to a survey, more than 80% of all the information in the world’s computers is in English. So, there is a great need for learning it from an English language tutor.

At both SSC and HSC levels all over the country, communicative English has been introduced. So to speak, it is a new outlook on English. Students of these levels can now easily take help from private English lessons.

As a foreign language, English has become a second language in our country. We shall be unable to produce good doctors, teachers, engineers, technicians, if we do not learn English from the very beginning of our educational career. Therefore, it is very significant to learn English properly through a private English tutor.

English as an international language:

English is an International Language that dominates all over the world. Therefore, it is the only language to communicate with other countries internationally. Here arises the question of Communicative English.

What is Communicative English?

To willingly express oneself is Communicative English. It is the ability to use a language in an appropriate way in different circumstances. Many students have learned communicative English with the help of a private English tutor near me.

Ways of Communicative English:

To develop communicative competence in a language, there are two ways. The acquisition is the first way which is similar to the way people develop their ability in their mother tongue. It appears as a natural subconscious process in which users are not usually aware of acquiring a language. This way is also used by a personal English tutor near me.

In generalized terms, the acquisition is picking up a language spontaneously. Learning that language is the second way of developing communicative competence in a language. Being aware of using them and being able to talk about them, also refers to conscious knowledge of a language knowing the rules of language use. In generalized terms, learning is to know consciously about a language. It is described as explicit learning and you can have it with the help of one to one English tutor.

Opinions of the specialists:

It is believed by language specialists that acquiring a language is more successful and long-lasting than learning. It needs perseverance, hardworking, concentration, etc. At present, an English private teacher also encourages the learners of a second language to practice and experience the language in different situations where they are involved in communicating with others.

Statistical reports:

About 350 million people speak English as their first language and another 300 million people use it as a second language according to the statistical data. In more than 60 countries and of many international organizations, English is the official or semi-official language. For example, The International Olympic Committee always holds meetings in English. It helps the international community and the business world to communicate across national borders and can only be learned with the help of the best English tutor online.

The world’s computers have more than 80% of all information in English. Most of the companies provide English language training for their staff. That’s why a job facility often asks for a good working knowledge of English. It is believed that English usually helps them to get good jobs with handsome salaries. This is the reason many people learn from English tutors for adults.

Communicative English at SSC and HSC levels is a new system so it is taught everywhere in the country. Thus, private English tutors near me play a vital role in teaching this communicative English.

Role of English:

English has an influence all over the world. A person in any country can speak and write something in English. An English fluent person of any country, especially one who has learned from an English private tutor near me, has a great value/demand in the international business and community as well. You can increase your importance with the help of a private English tutor.

Knowledge of English:

The best English tutor near me encourages learners to concentrate on their mother tongue as well as on English. Such knowledge of English makes a man internationally important.

Therefore, to communicate with people of other countries needs a good command of a language especially English. Since it is a predominating language, it needs good and long-lasting verbal and non-verbal communication that can easily be established with the learning of it through an English tutor.

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